Who We Are?
What we do

Our Organization was originally imagined within the virtual world called Second Life® (a creation of Linden Labs®). We saw that places and experiences, felt through reading various books, could be recreated within this newly divergent and very popular digital reality that continues to host around a million active members a month (with $USD75M in annual revenue).

In time, two of us worked together to form The Sheriwood Foundation in 2008. We continue to meet many within this forum who are also concerned with the declining literary skills in children and young adults. The rest, as they say, is history...

For our virtual world we choose to recreate, JRR Tolkien's®, The Silmarillion©, the prequel to Tolkien's® well-known books The Hobbit© and The Lord of the Rings© series. This is the time of the First Age-Two Trees - a near-pristine time of wonder, purity, exploration, investigation, creation and invention of both language, writing and reading.

The volunteers involved with the Sheriwood Foundation today are first attracted to our virtual word through their interest in good literature. They come from various walks of life and live all around the world and they have a passion to increase reading and writing skills in youth.

Board Of Directors

Co-Founders who serve as contacts for The Sheriwood Foundation, Inc.:

C. L Lokai, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Corporate Secretary

Darlene Richard, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and President (Standing Director) of the Tolkien Division

Timithy Swander, Director

    The Sheriwood Foundation, Inc.
    23915 Clipse Road
    Howard, Ohio 43028

In Second Life®

Please leave notecard for "Sheridanne Kelley"

Corporate Information

The Sheriwood Corporation is an all-volunteer organisation which is chartered by the State of Ohio, USW (Charter 31812005) and recognised by the USA IRS EIN #26-3561402.

Sheriwood In Second Life® Division Executive Board

President: Darlene Richard
Secretary: Jen Dyer

What we do

As President of The Sheriwood-In-Second Life Division, it has been my privilege and pleasure to personally fund, drive and oversee the activities of the Sheriwood Sims since we began planning the vision in October 2006.

Through the efforts of a small army of volunteers over the years, we have humbly and successfully built upon the fascination with the works of JRR Tolkien®. We are active members of The Tolkien Society and one of the primary artists for Tolkien®'s works, Ted Naismith, has visited our virtual lands, encouraged our efforts and even suggested improvements.

We do all this to increase interest in the wonder of reading and to build awareness and greater understanding of the need to support international reading literacy programs for the disadvantaged.

We build activists and donors who participate in discussion forums regarding possible individual and corporate solutions for supporting children and young adults who have little hope of having the necessary tools and education to this end.

Furthermore, we provide awareness and access to both online (within Second Life) and in the real world funding for these endeavours.

Fund raising through the virtual world of Sheriwood comes from various channels, including: special events, in-world donation boxes, educational and awareness quests, fundraising books and items sold through the Web site, such as our Sixth Anniversary Book of Sheriwood© (scheduled to be published as a hard-bound book and e-book).

Additional income is realised from a special rate we are granted through recognition of the Sheriwood Foundation by Linden Labs® (creators and providers of the virtual world) as a registered charitable organisation. From these savings a set monthly donation goes directly to Sheriwood Foundation.

We are a volunteer organisation and members take no compensation except for reimbursement of approved direct expenses.

What is new

Sheriwood in Second Life™

  • We own various themed "virtual properties" within the simulated world of the digital domain known as Second Life™. They feature a living experience based on the first seven chapters of JRR Tolkien's® book, The Silmarillion©.
  • The wide appeal of Tolkien®, combined with the international exposure that comes through Second Life™, helps raise awareness and interest in providing funds to assist our stated purpose.
  • In recognition of our seven years of activity in Second Life™ we have produced The Sheriwood Anniversary Book© in both hard copy and available as an e-book (release date to be announced). Profits from the sales go to Sheriwood Foundation.
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