Ongoing Projects
How To Contribute

Financial Contributions should be made through PayPal or directly within Second Life®.

The Sheriwood Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization. Donations are deductible on U.S. Federal income taxes.

PayPal Donations & Receipt

If you would like to join us in these efforts, please send your tax deductable donation by PayPal to the Sheriwood Foundation. PayPal allows you to use a variety of credit cards and also a direct link to your back if you wish. Just click this link: PAYPAL

Please note a receipt, that can be used for tax purposes, is automatically provided when you contribute by PayPal.

Or make contributions directly within Second Life® - simply be within the virtual world and search for "Tirion Forest". Visit us and you will find a donation well is at the entrance.

    Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

What is new

Sheriwood in Second Life™

  • We own various themed "virtual properties" within the simulated world of the digital domain known as Second Life™. They feature a living experience based on the first seven chapters of JRR Tolkien's® book, The Silmarillion©.
  • The wide appeal of Tolkien®, combined with the international exposure that comes through Second Life™, helps raise awareness and interest in providing funds to assist our stated purpose.
  • In recognition of our seven years of activity in Second Life™ we have produced The Sheriwood Anniversary Book© in both hard copy and available as an e-book (release date to be announced). Profits from the sales go to Sheriwood Foundation.
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